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​Serena Wines 1881 Wine in Kegs


There are 30 countries, in addition to Italy, in which Serena Wines 1881 has developed its wine in kegs market. It is an easy, economic and convenient system whose technology is at the vanguard. 
Serena Wines 1881 is the market leader and it keeps on following its aims which are oriented towards offering quality products and satisfying the market’s needs. It wants to promote an innovative system to sell wine in kegs because there are many advantages: kegs guarantee the same quality of bottles but they have greater economic and environmental advantages. They allow companies to save money in relation with glass and packaging, and they give the opportunity to limit the costs for production and fluid handling. Thanks to these savings, Serena Wines 1881 has the possibility to use less energetic and environmental resources and also to create less waste. Simplification of logistics and maximization of space contribute to lower the costs as well. The advantages they have regarding the quality of wine are incredible: the kegs protect any type of wine from sunlight and oxidation allowing it to keep its temperature.
PIù Fizz is the flagship product. Its characteristics are peculiar: fresh to the palate, it has an easy drinkability and an excellent versatility. The technique used to produce this wine is the same that it is normally used to produce the excellent Venetian spumante, and so it becomes a significant advantage. Following the Martinotti-Charmat method, PIù FIZZ becomes sparkling and its qualities intensify. There are different ways to appreciate this wine: it is perfect if you want to enjoy it by itself; it is also great if you want to create cocktails such as Spritz, Bellini or Rossini. PIù Fizz is part of a greater wines selection (from white still wines to red and IGT wines) such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Veneto. These wines are very much appreciated and they represent a great choice for exclusive clients of restaurants, wine shops and prestigious locations. They represent the Venetian territory in which they are produced very well. 

Kegs are ideal also when it comes to optimise space: food trucks and events (concerts, festivals and water parks) require a lot of space. They are perfect and they guarantee an extraordinary strength because they are easy to move and store too. 

Serena Wines 1881 uses not only traditional steel kegs but also Oneway kegs branded Serena. They are very technological and represent a revolution in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry. The wine quality is always guaranteed; kegs optimise space and the costs for logistics are very competitive. The product is perfectly protected thanks to the excellent resistance to collisions and pressure. Oneway allows any wine to keep its characteristics and ideal temperature. The keg is enduring, practical and manageable. Moreover, it is the first disposable keg completely realized with plastic material (100%) that can be recycled, following CEE and FDA legislations about food products. 

The Know-How developed in this field shows how Serena Wines 1881 is not only a company focused on the production of Venetian wines, but it also wants to promote and present its products in a very innovative, competitive and technological way.

Serena Wines 1881 works on different markets: the Italian market is at the basis and the results are excellent and already consolidate. In Europe, there have been countries willing to try this new stock system, who found out how much these new kegs could improve their business.  New markets in expansion such as Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Baltic countries and UK, are increasingly growing next to some Western European countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany that have a very strong kegs’ tradition.   
However some countries far away from Italy such as USA, South Africa and Australia have shown an unpredictable sales volume: they appreciate the wine choices Serena Wines 1881 can offer them through this innovative kegs’ system. They particularly enjoy the balance and style of Serena’s wines. The fact that all these countries have the possibility to offer excellent Italian products, able to keep their quality and characteristics after a long journey, is a great advantage.

China is a difficult market to break through but it is also one of the most interesting regarding wine imports. Serena Wines 1881 started importing wine in bottles years ago, but it is only recently that its wine in kegs market started developing in this area. Many researches show how China has now become the 4th world destination regarding economics and how much potential it has in terms of wine consumption/imports (source: ‘I numeri del vino’, June 2017).

Serena Wines 1881 is going to introduce a new great revolution that will change the wine in kegs market: the new keg will guarantee a superior quality compared to the high standards already confirmed, and it will lead to a better logistics organization. Details will be shared soon.