Our background, your future

In the far-off 1980s Vinicola Serena was a pioneer of DRAUGHT WINE, a success pursued throughout Italy over the following years with the addition of a 25 litre returnable keg.
In the 1990s the company became market leader, a position it has consolidated over time and which is now a guarantee.

The Serena family has always been strongly convinced that the practical kegs are a straightforward, reliable and efficient way to provide the catering trade with wine.
Our kegged wine has become HOUSE WINE par excellence, a symbol of pleasure and familiarity, featuring constantly pursued top quality for our customers and consumers.
Kegs are a clever union of experience and innovation, where the laws and art of wine-making join hands with a safe, practical container.

Over the years, our kegs have travelled from Italy to the rest of Europe and we have evolved by extending the concept of kegged wine to outlying markets, today seeing developments in world sales. We are also promoting worldwide the innovative ONE-WAY KEG, 20 or 24 litre disposable kegs.

This is not the end of our story; our past is marked by successful enterprise and we will continue to cultivate our values, facing the future as stars on the world stage, with SERENA ON TAP!